Friends who are mathematicians and accountants tell me they like math because it is predictable, and the rules are always the same. That is, until you get to government math. Here’s an example of government math.

  This is how developers are able to develop when there’s a water deficit, and how counties then get the revenue from building permits and property taxes.

Let’s take one step further into the murky waters. Suppose the engineer who did the water studies for the developments is in line to provide the designs for the subdivisions, and streets for these 4,000 new homes and will then be the designer, builder, eventually will manage the private water and sewer systems of the communities, and will eventually build the water pipeline (the water for which is already many times over-allocated)? Who then owns the water?

Hint: Here’s one definition of ownership – control over property, or any asset, tangible, or intangible.

And if the contractors and elected representatives and press are all saying, “Oh, this is just business as usual,” or “We can do so much with all these property taxes,” (but not without water!) or … fill in the blanks, then it’s easy for everyone to give it a pass.