Check out misconduct at the city council. He told me tales of diminishing funds and pay to play, from a source whose identity he couldn’t reveal at the time.

It was hard to believe that our beautiful friendly little area had things like that going on.

Sure, about a quarter of the government agencies on whose boards I represented my city had few financial controls, leaving them wide open to white collar crime, but the city and county staff who I came across were professional, dedicated, conscientious, and helpful. While needing to be addressed, none of it screamed of widespread corruption.

Turns out that the source was right – more than any of us knew. The activities he reported were tiny grains of sand in a multi-faceted grid of vice that is by comparison as huge as our 19-mile beach.

Thus begins my story of who did it, who found it, how they did it, how they found it, how it happened, and how they’re fixing it. We don’t have the ending yet, but tag along and we’ll tell you more.