“Cannabis, Corruption, and Adam Craig Hill’s Unfinished Poem in SLO” featured in Fresno, California’s GV Wire – Explore. Explain. Expose is a well-researched investigation by San Luis Obispo, California County outsider Donnell Alexander, who knew Hill as a CSU Fresno literary classmate. 

Alexander went on to become an author and freelance reporter based in Los Angeles. From 2018-2020 he co-hosted The WeedWeek podcast, named by Quartz and Forbes to their best-of lists. He contributes print reporting to The Guardian, Insider, Cannabis Law Report, and WeedMaps and has written three books, including Ghetto Celebrity: Searching for My Father in Me.

Hill’s trajectory appeared impressive but ended in FBI raids, charges of sexual harassment, bribery, and, ultimately, his suicide. Donnell interviews several of the characters from Hill’s more distant and recent past, bringing to light information not previously widely known about the county supervisor whose story of sordid cannabis dealings rivaled the more recent Kristin Smart trial for national coverage of the small out-of-the-way county with the big rap sheet.

Rather than issue a spoiler alert, I’ll suggest that you read the article here: https://gvwire.com/2022/11/03/cannabis-corruption-and-adam-craig-hills-unfinished-poem-in-slo/

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