In 2019 the Grover Beach City Council invited 3 cannabis dispensaries to town. The City Council only licensed principals whose principals or spouses had felony convictions. Local companies with clean backgrounds were chased out of town. The felons brought their black market products, practices, and people with them. Within 2 years, two of the three dispensaries’ principals had new felony convictions. One is now in jail. The other is banned from growing in Santa Barbara County and paid a fine following a settlement. They had to sell their dispensaries.

Grover Beach and surrounding San Luis Obispo County now have an accidental fentanyl death rate of 68 people a year per 100,000 population. To put it in perspective, San Francisco’s rate is 44 deaths per 100,000 population. In the first 4 weeks of 2023, 16 people in SLO County died from accidental fentanyl overdoses  – several because their cannabis was laced with fentanyl. At that rate, we will lose 200 people this year to accidental fentanyl overdoses.

What can you do? It’s easy – tell everyone you know not to buy black-market cannabis. Psychologists say that when we inform people about the real consequences of corruption, it reduces corruption. You can reduce corruption simply by regularly liking, following, and posting about how corruption hurts real people and the jail time and fines that perpetrators will receive, or if you are a victim of corruption, by telling your story. Read more at: and please, follow, like, share, and comment as often as you can.