The vice mayor had even more Dark Money donations than the mayor. Black represented several of the dispensary applicants, but only one listed Black as an agent. Black donated $100 in his own name to the vice mayor. Another eight donations totaling $1,350 came from employees and LLCs for which Black was the sole principle, or through his own company. Although campaign report forms clearly state that a street address must be supplied for all donors, three of the vice mayor’s donors, a total of $1,250 in donations were listed under UPS post office boxes disguised as street addresses. Black also was the sole manager of the campaign to tax cannabis sales, (‘Yes on L’), which used a post office box, rather than a street address.

My sources?

  1. Campaign statements posted on most public agency websites.
  2. The Secretary of State registrar of companies catalogs LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) including the principles, agent, and when formed.
  3. Agency agendas and minutes provide details of applicants for permits and licenses.

Private sites, such as Corporation Wiki offer details of connections between people and LLCs, gleaned from registrars of businesses, such as the one shown below.