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Turn YOUR Town Around

Equipping ordinary people for extraordinary impact

      Whether the elected or the people who elect them

Former mayor, council member, planning commissioner, thought influencer, and insider, for years Debbie saw people’s needs go unmet because of gross misappropriation of funds too common in our current political landscape.

Debbie is thoroughly familiar with the workings of municipal government, its issues, and pressing fiscal challenges. She has worked on both sides of local politics as an advocate for good government.

Debbie earned a B.A. from the University of Idaho and was named Scottish Young Businessperson of the Year among other accolades. Her local bakery in Scotland grew to $6m annual income in three years. In addition, Debbie is a residential real estate broker who has negotiated over 500 win-win transactions.

With intelligence officers and auditors as family role models and her background as an investigative journalist, Debbie learned how to get things done. Debbie shares democracy as a participative art that transforms communities through communication. Her practical, multi-faceted, and creative strategies foster well-governed communities.


“Debbie’s business was one of the outstanding successes of the Glasgow University entrepreneurship program. She won national recognition and was sought after as a coach to start-up companies and as a speaker at conferences and business schools. She is a Star!” Professor David Weir, Former Dean of The Scottish Business School.

Debbie is available to speak at conferences, training for corporate or elected officers, colleges & universities, community political associations, and small businesses.


Council Member 101– Boardsmanship for Elected Officials, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Be the Head, Not the Tail

How to Beat City Hall – The Stealth Formula for Public Records Requests

Turn Your Town Around – Historical Examples of Diverse Public Transformations

Behind Closed Doors – The Whistle Blower – Close Encounters and the Need for Government Reform

Be Heard – Say it Right in the Political Arena! Learn to   Effectively Garner the Ear of Elected Representatives

The Role of Women in Governmental Transformation – Women Changed Everything – 1880-2022

MBA Students – Learn What City Hall Never Tells –Transparency, Sunshine, and First Amendments

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs –You are Well Positioned to Positively Impact Your Local Government. Learn How.



Former Mayor Debbie Peterson offers an insider political analysis, breaking news thriller, and historical account, all rolled into one compelling book.

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“I didn’t think anyone still had integrity, self-worth, and honesty. Debbie Peterson is the poster person for all of those.” Gwinn & Jim McCandlish, retired teachers

“Debbie Peterson is civic-minded and has pledged countless volunteer hours to work on city councils and other community service organizations.” Sharon Biddle, Publisher

“Debbie Peterson’s unwavering work fighting political corruption makes her the best choice for voters.” Stew Jenkins, Treasurer of the Council for Elected Democrats

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